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Embracing Your Type Digital Workbook

Embracing Your Type Digital Workbook

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Embracing Your Type: A Guide to Finally Finding Your True Enneagram Type

Are you longing to experience self discovery and awareness in your life that will lead you to approach yourself and your relationships with more compassion and understanding?  

The Enneagram is a great tool that can feel just like a personalized instruction manual to your better life. But before you can use it, you’ll first need to determine your Enneagram Type. Unfortunately, determining your Type is a little more complicated than simply taking a test. That's where this Workbook can help!

This Workbook will finally allow you to discover you true Enneagram Type, to unlock the ability to stop repeating the same mistakes, and live up to your most authentic and best self. 

This illustrated Workbook contains over 45 pages where I walk you through discovering or verifying your Enneagram Type once and for all. This process of truly finding and embracing your Type can:

  • Help you better understand yourself
  • Understand you core motivations so you can recognize what is driving your behaviors
  • Recognize some of your "negative" behaviors, why you choose them and help you identify when you are in a time of stress
  • Growth and transform into a more compassionate version of your authentic self

Grab this Workbook now, before it returns to it's regular price. And get started today on truly Embracing Your Type.


**Please note that sharing or duplicating this Workbook, or any part of this Workbook, is strictly prohibited. Copyright 2021 held by Deanna Talwalkar of Mirabelle Creations**


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